Scoutables offers daily scouting reports on every player in Major League Baseball based on recent performance. Scoutables is built on top of the most sophisticated baseball analytics platform around. AriBall, the product of a collaboration between Ari Kaplan and Fred Claire, has offered comprehensive baseball analytics to MLB front offices, media and broadcast outlets, scouts and coaches for almost a decade.



  • fred claire

    Fred Claire

    Former LA Dodgers GM and 1988 World Series Champion…
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  • Ari- stadium

    Ari Kaplan

    27 seasons in MLB Front Offices, creator of the Cubs analytics department…
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  • Mark G

    Mark Goodstein

    A catalyst for many different startups for 20+ years, including starting…
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  • richhard w

    Richard Weil

    Extensive finance, administration and operating experience…
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  • Avatar_216x216

    Erick Herring

    In addition to his mainstay role as CTO usually with responsibility
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  • IH Profile

    Ian Harris

    15+ years experience in product, marketing, corporate dev, and…
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  • Petra

    Petra Wennberg Cesario

    Visual / UX Designer with 15+ years…
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  • Erik

    Erik Wingren

    UX / Product Designer with 15+ years of experience designing and…
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